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About Insite Performance Coaching

InSite Performance Coaching Ltd was developed from a passion for helping values-based leaders live their dreams.

We all experience our own journey through the challenges of being a business owner, leader, and manager. Our team has come together to pave the way for you to excel on your journey.

We believe in your vision and your business, and we want to help you help more people by growing and scaling through business coaching, executive coaching, and performance coaching. We specialize in leadership, culture, strategy, and differentiation.

We look forward to introducing you to our team of coaches who are here for one reason – to make the world a better place.


Meet Our Team

The InSite Performance Coaching team has a diverse background across many industries, and with different areas of expertise. We partner you with the right coach to help make your dreams a reality.

Stan Peake

Stan Peake

Founder & Executive Coach

Maureen Murphy

Maureen Murphy

Business Development Director & Executive Coach

Renata Skawina

Renata Skawina

Executive Coach

Centaine Hlushak

Centaine Hlushak

Client Success Manager

Our Company Mission, Vision & Purpose

It’s critical to understand what you want to accomplish with a clear idea of how to achieve it.


Brilliant leaders building a better world.


Because business must be a force for good.


Helping one leader at a time to impact change.

Our Company Values

These are our non-negotiables. We practice what we preach and live them every day.

Dream Big: Life’s too short to play small

Show up: Bring your whole self

Be accountable: say what you’ll do and do what you say

Get back up: success isn’t a straight line

Think bigger: it’s not just about you

Stan Peake

Stan Peake is an expert business coach and captivating speaker. In addition to being certified as a corporate facilitator and cultural transformation tools practitioner, Stan is certified as an executive coach by the #1 executive coach in the world (John Mattone, former coach to Steve Jobs). Author of 6 business books, including 3 bestsellers, Stan has spoken at conferences and coached entrepreneurs and executives from Vancouver, BC to Miami, FL, and from London, UK to London, ON.

With expertise leading over 300 direct reports in his career, and entrepreneurial experience culled from owning or co-owning 7 businesses (including 2 mergers and one sale), Stan ‘gets’ leaders and entrepreneurs, and he is an expert at helping others see – and seize – their potential. Stan is on a mission to help 1 million leaders reach their potential, which is why he has been writing, speaking, and coaching through every opportunity he can since founding InSite Performance Coaching in 2015.

While not coaching or speaking, Stan enjoys traveling, staying active with family and friends, and arguing with his family over their football and hockey teams.

  • Graduate Certificate in Values-Based Leadership, Royal Roads University
  • Sales Leadership, Queens School of Business
  • Certified coach and facilitator
  • Certified cultural transformation tools practitioner
  • Certified in over 50 tools covering leadership, team effectiveness, conflict, and performance

“After working with Stan for only 3 months the value and benefit his work has given me is priceless. As an alternative health practitioner and teacher, my work demands that I use parts of my brain that does not lend itself well to business development. Prior to working with Stan, I felt intimidated by entering the world of business, especially because my work is not mainstream. Stan came into our initial meetings with a very open mind and I could tell that the whole time he was formulating how to approach my work from a business perspective. What Stan didn’t do was take his tried and true methods and make me fit into his box; what he did was take his tools and reposition them in a way that he helped me bridge the gap. At no point did I feel I had to sacrifice any part of who I was or what I wanted to achieve. In fact, it was the opposite, he highlighted my purpose and became committed to it. He helped me reignite my excitement and let go of the daunting feelings I had regarding building my business. He showed me that my excitement about my work and my business approach are easily united. From this, my confidence and focus have gone through the roof. My business outlook is beyond my expectations and the pieces are sliding into place. In a nutshell, Stan showed me how to take control of my business so that my fears wouldn’t take control of me.“ 

Liv Sikomas

Owner, Liv Lightful

Maureen Murphy

A connector at heart, relationship guru by trade, motivator, and empath by approach; Maureen Murphy lives for the growth of mind, spirit, and behavior. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Communications from the University of Calgary, Maureen trained to facilitate the InSights Discovery Program.

Maureen is certified as an Executive Coach by John Mattone (Steve Jobs former Executive Coach) and is recognized by the International Coaching Federation.

Maureen has had a successful and fulfilling career managing areas of Corporate Development such as Human Resources, Communications, Business Development, and Sales Management. Within these roles, Maureen has been responsible for proven ROI in terms of the bottom line as well as people’s development to ensure a positive and productive team and workplace culture to set companies up for success.

After 15 years of experience acting as the head gatekeeper of culture and profitable corporate development, Maureen is a true believer that the right people make all the difference to the bottom line of an organization. A clear mindset and motivation lead the way to a strong, lucrative future. Maureen is an avid volunteer and philanthropist.

An ambassador and volunteer for the Calgary Stampede for over 20 years, Maureen is proud of the city she lives in as well as the neighborly, genuine western communities Alberta holds. In her 15 years of Corporate Experience, Maureen has led and participated in raising over $1M dollars for charities around the city such as Parkinson’s, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis, Steps for Life, and numerous Mental Health organizations. Maureen believes in the power of community and chooses to use her talents and relationship skills to create a more enjoyable world to live in. When your intention, your mindset, and your actions are aligned, the magic happens.

True success prevails when you marry your what, how, and why to your true goals.

“Maureen has helped us with our various marketing initiatives for my practices and is passionate, creative, and experienced. She helped us redesign two websites, workevohlution.com looks amazing and is getting a lot of compliments. Synthesispsychology.com has a beautiful feel and is warm and welcoming. Maureen is helpful and cares about my businesses, and has provided some valuable coaching over the last few months.”



Renata Skawina

Renata engages with clients in ways that cultivate trust, foster self-discovery, enhance insite, and inspire movement into bold action. As a values-based co-active coach and leader, she helps her clients align decisions and actions with consciously chosen personal and organizational values. She encourages sustainable, results-oriented collaboration and partnerships and promotes new ways of thinking. Renata’s Four Core Values are Authenticity, Faith, Fulfillment, and Well-being.

Renata has over 15 years of progressive Human Resources Business Partner experience, with the last six years as a Senior Leadership Team member. Five years ago, she embarked on a life-changing journey of becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the Coach Training Institute, followed by the Associate Coach Certification from the International Coach Federation. Through coaching, she helped many of her clients grow in their leadership roles by promoting leading with a higher purpose. And she loves seeing them succeed! She is also certified in Cultural Transformation Tools through Barrett Values Centre and helps organizations build and sustain a high performing, values-driven culture. Furthermore, Renata is a Vital Smarts Crucial Conversations Certified Trainer. She helps individuals and teams develop skills for creating alignment and agreement in situations with high stakes, opposing opinions, and strong emotions. Renata loves sailing with her husband and is passionate about a healthy lifestyle.

“My coaching experience with Renata led me on a path I never even dreamed of. Through her coaching, not only did I grow professionally, and personally, I discovered the path to fulfill my passion and life purpose. I realized who I am, deep down to the core of my being through my work with Renata, and would have never been brave enough to start writing my first book without her as my coach. Whether you are looking for that next step in your career or figuring out where you want to be in your life, I strongly recommend Renata to help you find your path.”

Joan Zammit

Human Resources Office Manager, CML Properties

Centaine Hlushak

Centaine has been a published journalist from the age of 16. Today, her portfolio boasts more than 600 stories across seven publications from business news and blogs to arts and entertainment. A true extrovert driven by the power of relationships, Centaine loves getting to know new people and finding creative solutions to everyday problems. 

Meaningful connection is extremely important to Centaine, who spent six years working for a networking group of values-driven businesses – working her way up from blogging to running the entire operation herself. It was through this group that she first encountered InSite Performance Coaching. Besides storytelling, Centaine’s other lifelong passion is learning American Sign Language. With a current vocabulary of 200 signs, she dreams of one day growing her skills to the point where she can help interpret for InSite Performance Coaching’s first deaf client.

Centaine has been part of the InSite team since 2020.

“Centaine is an exceptional content developer and administrator. Her clear communication style, consistently positive outlook, and dedication to the community she serves is amazing. Organized and able to ‘herd cats’ (colleagues and community stakeholders) towards a common goal, she seems to naturally solve problems and move projects forward with ease. I would highly recommend Centaine for any administrative, writing/content development, or communications-focused position.”

Amber Phalen

former Brand & Communications Coordinator, Momentum


Making An Impact

“When I look back at my biggest career success, it’s when I was following the principles in Success is a System. Our culture was world-class, we were over $100M in revenue, and I was in the best shape of my life. When my dedication to the fundamentals taught in this book wavered, my results suffered.” 

Alvin Pyke

CEO, TitanLogix


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