“This changes everything!”

“I can’t wait to get back to work!”

“When can we get started?!”

As a business and performance coach, I LOVE the energy and newfound enthusiasm that clients find after a transformative session, after they are reminded and re-energized with what is truly possible instead of being focused on what they may have been experiencing in the moment.

But what leads to these powerful moments, and as importantly, what prevents them from happening more often?
In most cases, my friends, the answer lies hidden between the leaders ears.

As Aarush Kashyap put it, “One can perceive me only with his limited vision. A droplet can’t perceive the extent of the ocean”. And so it is that our perception becomes our reality, and our reality determines our beliefs of what is possible, what is impossible, what is likely (and therefore a worthwhile measure) and what is unlikely (and therefore a gamble or unnecessary risk).

One of our clients has a cousin who refurbishes antique furniture for a living. He takes his time and does a painstakingly great job at bringing antiques back to life and in most cases, making them look better than they ever have. After many unsuccessful trade shows, one in which he sold zero products, he decided to ask people why they weren’t buying, and was shocked to learn that everyone felt his prices were too low. He was anxious at the average price tag of $3000 per rustic masterpiece, and thought no one was buying because his prices were too high. His reality had been “there is no market here, I create masterpieces no one can afford”, whereas his customer’s reality had been, “this can’t be a masterpiece if it’s only $3000”. He raised his prices to $5000 and sold out!

It would be wonderful if that was the mistake all of us were making in business – undervaluing our time, talent, and product or service. The truth is, that does happen a lot, but it’s oversimplifying and perhaps altogether missing the lesson.

The lesson is that there could be another possibility. There could be another price to set your products or services. There could be a different (read: better) market for your business. There could be a different strategy to take to meet your objectives. There could be a different way to motivate your team, or a different person to deliver the message to your team so that it is better received.

In short, there could be a way to reach your objectives, even when all you might be experiencing is failure, marginal results, and poor returns. Our experiences (our understanding) tell us one thing, which repetition may have validated; however our understanding may be limited away from unique and innovative approaches that simply don’t match our style of thinking.

This is really the value of feedback. Having a team that you put in place to make you better, not tell you what you want to hear. This is why companies assemble a board of directors, why great leaders seek out mentors, and why firms like ours exist in the first place.

Although you may not have met your most creative, innovative, or resourceful self, the great news is – that resourcefulness isn’t too far away and a great coach can help you access that untapped potential fairly quickly.

What goldmine might you be hiding?