In order to achieve truly remarkable success, you need to know what that looks like for you – you need a clear, compelling goal that inspires you to take massive action. Then, you need to take that massive action – you need to work hard for it.

In order to work hard for it, you need to know what you’re supposed to be working on – you need a clear and concise strategy.

In order to have a clear and concise strategy, you need a solid understanding of the ecosystem you’re treading into. Your goal will likely carry with it inherent challenges, as well as opportunities to better your chances of attainment. Lastly, you’re probably not the only person (or business) vying for your inspiring goal. Knowing the landmines, opportunities, and competitors in your space is essential to the development of your well-informed strategy.

In order to even come up with an inspiring goal or definition of success, you need to have found your passion, or at least – a field of expertise or type of achievement that resonates with you in a deeply meaningful way.

To discover your passion, or at least, achievements that resonate, you need to develop the self-awareness to identify your strengths, weaknesses, what piques your curiosity, and eventually, becomes your passion.

In order to develop self-awareness, you need to have (or cultivate) an innate burning desire for more in life.
In order to want more out of life, you need to realize that more is possible than your current circumstances and limitations.

The only way to discover that more is possible from life – is to participate in life – two feet in, not on the sidelines.

The pathway to learning enough to make brilliant strategic choices, and to develop world-class skills that will separate you from your inevitable competition is to just start. Start where you are, with whatever little or much you have, and give it your all. Fail, dust yourself off, reflect, learn, and go fail again. Build your resiliency muscle and refuse to quit because your goals mean too much.

In order to become a local or world-renowned success, you need only start as a nobody who refuses to quit, and who gets in the arena no matter how they feel that day. Outwork, outthink, out-strategize, outlearn, and then out-achieve the rest. You just need to start.