We often see articles about employees leaving their position because of the influence of management. It would be naive not to acknowledge that management does have an influence, and trust me they are not off the hook yet. Those who lead us definitely have an impact on us, we learn from them, become inspired by them, experience challenges from them, and even lose our passion because of them. However, as much as they have an impact on our lives, our careers and our work, they are not the ones I want to speak to today.

Today, I want to speak to everyone who is an employee. There is an important factor that we need to acknowledge within the span of our careers, which is the responsibility employees have to take on their own accountability for their own choices and eventual results.

Fellow employees we need to be accountable for our work experience, work culture, and the actions and attitudes we bring forward to our work environment. For the purpose of this discussion I want to share the 3 rules that I wish I had learned earlier in my career, that I now carry forward with both positive and negative issues within the workplace. However, I would like to state that these 3 rules did develop from the adversity that I faced and are inspired by my development. First let me start off by saying that we all have a choice, we have a choice to take initiative, to be honest, and to not let challenges/issues snowball into great big problems that can contribute to a toxic environment. We have a choice to acknowledge our courage, happiness and to stay true to our ambitions that led is us to that position in the first place. As employees we are the glue that supports the success of any company. Therefore, we have a responsibility to truly give our best, and when challenges come before us, I do not believe that we always take on the responsibilities associated with this task.

  1. Rule 1: Be accountable and take ownership.When issues arise be honest about the situation at hand and how it is has impacted you. However, do not stop there, there is always a take away from every situation that we encounter. It is important to acknowledge what we brought to the table and the steps we could have taken to ensure a stronger resolution. Through the majority of situations there is an opportunity for an employee to take initiative or be a leader and to work towards finding the solution. Taking the steps to keep us accountable to ourselves, and establish a strong working foundation.
  2. Rule 2: Do not forget your ambition.As employees we owe it to ourselves to acknowledge our pride in the work that we do. Every position that we endure is one that grants us the opportunity to grow further, and therefore we must ensure that we take every step to give our best for that position. In times of adversity, we must take it upon ourselves to ignite that ambition in ourselves and our team to come together. Rather than inflicting silos and creating environments for humility.
  3. Rule 3: Never forget, you are not alone.As an employee what you go through and the challenges you face are never something you will endure alone. It is something that impacts everyone, a chain reaction. It is your responsibility to remain honest about the situation at hand. Yes, you may be facing a challenging situation and it’s okay to acknowledge. Internally you will have acknowledged way more for yourself, but now you have created a level of interaction that allows you to be honest and to speak about your situation without carrying out a discussion too far, or creating unnecessary drama.

I choose to incorporate these rules in my daily life because they were once some of my biggest mistakes and I think many people can relate to these concepts as well. The point I am striving to make is that too often we employees do not own our position in the situation before us, and we forget to look beyond the issue and towards a solution.  Just as management impacts us, we impact the company as a whole and we need to remember the pride we take in what we do. As it is that pride that we have, that we need to change to confidence as we apply it to being stronger employees. Those Individuals who take ownership and accountability in challenging situations are the ones who will be able to continuously rise in their development. They will also do justice to their team, to the workplace and most importantly to their growth.