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Our mission is to help leaders one at a time to impact change. Read a few of those stories here on how we work to use business as a force for good.

“I started working with Stan a few months ago and I really appreciate his refreshing approach to business coaching. I have worked with a couple of coaches in the past and I did not see near the results I am experiencing now. Stan has a unique ability to read his client. He gets to the point and really helps to focus in on what is important for growth. Some of his feedback can be tough to hear at times but it always comes from a place of genuine care and wanting to help me succeed. I love his quote about being “comfortably uncomfortable” in business! Since working with Stan, I feel more confident in my leadership and empowered with my decisions. I look forward to every meeting and I am so excited to see where 2017 takes us!”

Sandra Goebel

Owner, Inspire Centre for Wellness & Massage

“Renata is a talented HR Professional. With her professional designation and executive HR courses, Renata is a “student” of Human Resources. She has attained a high level of practical experience in dealing with people, processes and systems. Renata is blessed with the gift of common sense and is both respected and trusted by her peers and management team. Renata is a committed team player with high energy allowing her to lead, manage or solve problems on a day to day or strategic level. She is truly an asset to any company she works with.”

Paul Irwin

Health Industry Advisor, Schulich School of Business Career Development Centre

“Ever since I started meeting with Stan, I have been able to change my daily habits to be more productive and inspired to get out of bed early each day. Through Stan’s coaching, I have been able to identify why I am doing what I do and identified a clear path for the future. My goals now seem more attainable and have been clearly identified. I would recommend Stan on both a personal level as well as a professional level. I am very grateful for the experience he has brought me in this process.”


Financial Advisor

“Renata has been instrumental in helping me navigate my first couple of years as a people manager. Through various coaching techniques and facilitated strategy sessions, Renata has helped me identify my values as a leader, pushed me to be introspective about my “saboteurs,” and has challenged me to develop techniques to work through them. I would recommend Renata’s coaching to any leader looking for opportunities for self-improvement and growth.”

Anisha Sinha

Senior Manager, Shared Services West

“My first session with Stan was incredible. Within the first hour, it’s possible that he’s paid for himself for several months worth of coaching. Just one small tweak to one of my existing processes will create urgency for my customers to reach out to me, instead of me having to follow up with them. This one little suggestion ‘checked a lot of boxes’ on my list of challenges, and I just know in my head and heart that it will be a game-changer. That’s probably the best way to describe InSite – Stan is a Game Changer.” 

Andrew Sikomas

Mortgage Broker

“Affirm has come a long way over the last year or so working with Maureen! As an accounting firm, we are analytical by nature and when it came to trying to be creative or brainstorm what we wanted the vision or image of our firm to look and feel like, we always got stuck. We knew what we liked when we saw brands and campaigns from other companies out there, but it was always a struggle trying to create something tangible that accurately portrayed how we felt about our own business, and how we wanted the rest of the world to see us. Maureen sat down with us and worked to discover our purpose and what sets us apart from others out there. We’ve learned that marketing is much more than a cool logo or a well-placed advertisement. We know that there are a lot of statistics and research that Maureen is always running behind the scenes to ensure that everything is consistent and so that we are getting the most value. This has led to an increased number of leads and interest in our services. Client calls have gone through the roof due to our expanded marketing reach and information that was being distributed out to our existing client base on a regular basis. By taking care of the marketing, it allows us to focus on the work we love. We can’t say enough good things about Maureen!”

Affirm Accounting

“Thank you so much for the coaching on Friday! I found it really valuable. In particular, I really liked your tip of ensuring there are some measurable targets in business coaching, and working on something “soft” while simultaneously working on things that help the bottom line, and getting to the heart of the dysfunction rather than working on the surface stuff (like customer service). I also really liked the idea to not charge out on an hourly basis. Lately, I thank you for all the advice in regards to further education, reading materials, videos etc. Our session had some divine timing, as I received an email from Scotia Mcleod shortly after our session, about what they want coaching on and asking my rates. I’m planning to talk to Mike on Monday to get his blessing, and then hopefully start some coaching with Scotia McLeod in October. Thanks for your tips on how to approach Mike. I’m nervous to start with Scotia Mcleod, but really excited too! Stan, your expertise in business really shone through in our session, and how much you care about people. You’ve got an awesome future ahead of you with business and leadership coaching, and I’m lucky to have you in my corner.”

– Cathy, Leadership Coach

“I regularly refer back to the lessons you helped me learn over a year ago. You helped me become a better leader!” Laurie, PhD, Vice President Academic, Students and International, (Canadian post-secondary institute name withheld) “When I started working with Stan in September, my confidence in my work role had taken quite a blow – I put it at a 2/10. Within 2 months, with the coaching and tools Stan provided, my confidence was back at an 8/10, I felt better alignment and self-awareness, and ultimately made a career change that better suited me. While there was structure, accountability, and homework between sessions, working regularly and consistently with Stan was a true pleasure. From a very appreciative student!”

– Anne, Business Leader and Entrepreneur

“Renata was great support for my team and myself during my time at SSW. Renata provides a unique aptitude for supporting leadership development, encouraging ongoing organization development, and exhibiting a high level of professional expertise.”

– Sam Pringle, Director of Supply Chain, Management at Halton Region

“I had an opportunity to become a coachee of Renata at Shared Services West. In spite of being part of our HR team, she was able to build a relationship of trust. She asked amazing open-ended questions after analyzing my situation and helped me to find solutions. She helped me to overcome the obstacles that were standing in my way of reaching my goal. At the end of a few coaching sessions, I was able to identify what I needed to do to become a successful leader. She in an incredible person and is a very good coach. A big THANK YOU to Renata.”

– Tawfique Aziz, CPA, CGA Finance & Business Analytics

“I have had the pleasure of working with Renata Skawina on numerous collaborative projects over the last 15 years. She has always impressed me with her intuitive and coaching skills. She sees an individual not only as a worker but, first and foremost, as a human being who is capable, naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Renata has many talents and impressive intelligence. She is constantly growing and developing on a professional and personal level. I think that my opinion as an expert who saw over 40,000 individual character assessments is pivotal in assessing Renata’s competencies and potential. The most important is that being a person of outstanding character and with her theoretical and practical knowledge of human psychology, she can relate to every person and, what is unique, can make everyone feel comfortable, understood, and loved. The most important is that Renata does not judge people, which allows her to be objective and compassionate to find solutions in the most challenging situations. I wish everyone a colleague like Renata who works hard, is effective, respectable, and classy.”

– Dr. Peter Guy, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Academy of Physical Education, Warsaw, Poland

“Backtrack a week before my coaching session with Stan… I let the recession become an excuse for me to quit and give up on my business just when we started to feel the financial pinch. Feeling completely hopeless, in a crucial meeting with my entire leadership team, I gave the message that we could potentially close our doors if something big doesn’t happen, and out of desperation, I needed their help to turn things around. Fast forward the week after that meeting, Stan helped me show up as the hope and inspiration my team needed in the middle of the worst recession we’ve been through. Stan coached me to understand how big of an impact I am as a leader to my organization and to remember the why behind what we do and what we are to clients, community and team. He helped me create the possibility of not only succeeding but blowing this recession out of the water by empowering my team to achieve greatness. My entire team left that meeting revitalized, energized, and ready to conquer the rough waters. Thank you Stan for coaching me back to my place of strength, perseverance, and empowerment.”

– Mallory Chapman, Entrepreneur

“Centaine is among the top performers that I have had the pleasure to work with throughout my career. Her unfailing enthusiasm and commitment to local businesses resulted in strong relationships within the Be Local Network and enhanced opportunities for exposure. Centaine started as a blog writer and advanced quickly, taking on increasing levels of responsibility for business development and member enrollment, managing the annual Be Local Awards, creating all website and social media content, managing interns, and more until she was running the daily operations. She is an organized self-starter, quick learner, and exceptional communicator that is deadline-driven. She builds strong relationships with her team members and brings the best of herself to her work. I would recommend her without hesitation to any organization looking for fresh ideas, a positive outlook, and someone with a proven ability to get stuff done. “

– Stephanie Jackman, Founder, REAP Business Association

“In his capacity as executive coach, Stan has helped me optimize my performance and has consistently brought invaluable insights to our discussions. Additionally, Stan has facilitated team off-sites with fantastic results. I would highly recommend Stan as a values-based business coach, and in fact have done so several times!”

Patricia van de Sande

Senior Vice President of Finance, GFL Environmental Inc

When we began working with Stan, I was amazed at his ability to cut through incredibly complex business issues to provide clarity and sound guidance within one session. Since that first session our team has benefitted from Stan’s perspectives, business acumen, and decision making framework. We recommend Stan for his ability to guide clients in their strategic vision, build their success roadmap, and develop leadership skills. Stan’s inspiring interpersonal presence and energy also naturally motivates his clients do achieve great things!”

Kareen M. Stangherlin, CPA, CA, CFA, CFP, ICD.D

Founding Partner & CEO, Zelos Capital Ltd.


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